Halal is the way of life of over
a billion Muslims living in 148 countries of the world!
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The certification complies not only with Islamic principles, but also with the best world practice.
Our company has in-depth knowledge and over 10 years of experience in this field.
New opportunities
Halal certificate provides export opportunities into International Halal market.
World recognition
Most Islamic countries accept products that are certified according to International Halal Standards
70 %
Export oriented companies
Domestic companies
50 +
Inrenational companies
The only recognized organization in the CIS
International Authority AHIK

"Association of Halal Industry of Kazakhstan" (AHIK) is the founder of the Halal industry in Republic of Kazakhstan and the nearest abroad.

For more than 15 years, we have been a Halal certifying authority in the CIS, having been associate member of the International Halal Integrity Alliance ( International Halal Certification Bodies), as well as recognized by JAKIM (Malaysia) - the authority inthernational body with 46 years of experience in this industry.

AHIK has received worldwide recognition and is the Halal certification leader in Kazakhstan.

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Халал сертификат Забойщик
Международный сертификат Halal
Сертификаты для сотрудников компании
Партийный сертификат
HALAL Certificate is:
Compliance with Sharia Law
Halal certificate confirms the compliance of the products to the Shariah requirements.
Detailed audit
The Halal Certificate Issuance Department thoroughly examines all components of the product
Competent authority
Obtaining the Halal certificate is a thorough assessment of the production line by a group of specialists who have relevant knowledge not only in the Islam (Sharia), but also the essential knowledge in the field of food technology, pharmaceuticals and other.
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By obtaining Halal certificate, you guarantee the quality of your products to consumers.
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